Individual Adult Counseling

Do you feel irritable, sad, disengaged, or angry? Are you wondering if you should stay in your relationship? Has a painful event such as a divorce or death left you feeling overwhelmed or alone?

Out therapists start by completing a comprehensive assessment to better understand your strengths and needs.  We then help you fully explore your situation and experience a felt sense of what is happening.  Our therapists are often curious about what is happening physiologically (in your body), emotionally, mentally, and in your relationships.  In addition, we consider larger systems that may also be impacting you such as culture, religion, social injustice, or generational patterns.  Our therapists authentically share their observations and experiences of the problem, offering new and alternative ways of thinking about your situation.  This allows you to more clearly know your self and challenges in your life, explore options available to you, and choose how you want to respond and move forward.   In addition, our therapists use research-informed and evidenced-based techniques for long lasting and effective results.  Our practice is based on cutting-edge scientific information about how the brain and nervous system work.  We can help you heal on a deeper level, increasing your tolerance and resilience to life’s challenges.

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