Family Counseling

Is your family concerned about a specific family member’s behavior or emotions? Are you living in frequent conflict?  Is your family struggling to adjust to a traumatic event, loss, or divorce?  Or, have you tried your best to help your child and nothing seems to work?  Feeling distant or at odds with our loved ones can be one of the most painful experiences.  Our therapists can help your family heal and learn new, positive ways of interacting with one another.

Adria Rigg, LLC uses Attachment-Based interventions and Trauma Informed Care to help family members develop secure bonds with one another, increasing safety and respect.  Your therapist will be assessing for possible, ineffective family patterns that may be keeping you stuck.  In sessions, your therapist will guide you in understanding each other on a deeper level and help you change the way you interact with each other.

Children who have experienced sensory challenges, significant losses, or abuse/neglect, often need a consistent, patient model of treatment that celebrates small successes.  In these cases, our therapists use science about the brain and nervous system to help parents model and assist their children with emotion regulation (managing emotions).  Parents are encouraged to create an environment of playfulness, love, acceptance, curiosity, and empathy with their children.  Steadily, therapists help parents move from a place of frustration, shame, or avoidance to a place of compassion, responsiveness, and engagement with their children.

Based on your needs, family sessions may also include education about the brain and body, child development, and other resources available.   Parents may also benefit from learning new parenting skills and rebuilding confidence in our Parenting Group.