Couples Counseling

Are you and your partner constantly fighting? Are you stuck on a particular issue such as finances, religion, or parenting? Is your sex life unsatisfying or non-existent? Are you attempting to recover from an affair? Is one of you contemplating divorce?

Adria Rigg LLC uses Emotionally Focused Therapy, an evidenced-based model that moves couples from distress to recovery in 70-75% of cases and creates improvement in 90% of couples coming in for therapy.  Therapy involves exploration and identification of negative interactional patterns that occur in your relationship.   These patterns are seen as the enemy that is separating you and your partner.  Your therapist then guides you in a deeper understanding and expression of emotions that are driving these patterns.  Coaching you in new, positive interactions, your therapist helps you rebuild and strengthen your connection.  Whether you want to enrich your relationship or need support getting through a stressful period, couples counseling can improve feelings of safety, security, and trust.