Approach to Therapy

Counseling services are provided by Adria Rigg, LPC, LMFT and our Master’s Level Interns, whom Adria directly supervises.  Our approach is Relational, Scientific, and Experiential.  Our therapists start by building a relationship with you to best understand your needs, strengths, and life experiences.  We explore your goals with you and develop a specific treatment plan based on your desired outcomes.  During the therapy process, our therapists strive to be open, authentic, and honest with you, allowing you to safely explore challenges in a deeper, structured way.

Our therapists also use treatment approaches based on the latest research findings in neurobiology (how the brain and body work) and attachment (development of safe and secure relationships). The brain and body are connected and work best when all parts are integrated and working together.  You therapist will guide you in exploring and becoming more aware of physical sensations, feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and relational strategies, which then decreases reactive responses and allows you to make desired changes.

You will develop knowledge and skills through new experiences and reflecting on past and present experiences. We use both client initiated and therapist directed interactions to gain new perspectives and understanding of current challenges. We then coach you through new experiences, offering support every step of the way. Opportunities to explore, practice, and master new skills are provided. The exciting thing is that with each one of these new experiences, the brain changes. Practice and repetition of these new, corrective experiences reorganizes the brain and re-patterns the nervous system. This means a more resilient and improved you!

Furthermore, some clients find it helpful for their therapist to coordinate care with other professionals to support their mental health.  We will gladly collaborate with your physician, psychiatrist, pastor, school counselor, probation officer, or other provider as requested.